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Hello! I'm Reiny, also known as Ivete. I'm a student at Penn State University, where I live in the dorms with my best friend, Karynne, next door to my other best friend, Mel. We call ourselves the SB's and we love to have fun! Mel and I talk for hours about nothing, and me and Karynne share our Hyper Nights almost every night, waking up half our floor in the process. It's great to have real friends who care about you even after they see you every day for most of the day, and know your moods and your bad qualities. I've found true friends in college.

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics. I started school in the Fall of '99 but I got to skip a year's worth of classes because I scored so well on AP exams in high school (TIP to those of you still in high school: Take AP's! Study hard and get good scores, you'll save your parents a fortune in college tuition!), so I will be graduating in the Spring of 2002, a full year early. I hope to intern somewhere in the New York City area this summer, and work full-time in NYC after graduation.

I was born in Brazil, and lived in Argentina after that, so I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently (in addition to French). I am a member of the Penn State Blue Band Silk Line, which takes up most of my time outside of classes (not that I am a high-attendance type of student!). In my free time I like to crochet and watch TV, or play with my computer. I spend tons of time with my wonderful boyfriend of one year, Matt. He is a wonderful person and is the best boyfriend, I am so glad I found him.

I made this webpage because I love 80's cartoons. And I love making websites, so I tried to make this one somewhat of a challenge for me. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I hope you have fun exploring!

I can't think of anything else to include here, but I will add to it when I do! A picture is forth-coming, please be patient!

-- Reiny