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09.13.01: In honor of everyone who has suffered as a result of this national tragedy, I have changed my website to patriotic colors and backgrounds. I designed the backgrounds myself, so feel free to steal them and use them on your own website. The stars are called stars.gif and the stripes are called stripes.gif. The ribbon is from another website that is selling ribbons and things to benefit the Red Cross. Please take it, as well, and add it to your website.

United we stand, have stood, and WILL STAND.

08.11.01: Changed the layout to have a frame on top, hopefully that will ease in navigation.  Added title and other graphics to layout.  No new content, sorry.  Am working on a complete revamping of the layout.  And will hopefully be adding some new pages (I have Wuzzles and Snork pictures I need to get on here).  So use the menu above to look at the pages!  Enjoy!
~It was brought to my attention that some people cannot read black background websites, so I have changed to all-80's colors! And changed them again to be less-blinding! =)
~I'm still trying to figure out a good setup for this site. The pop-up ads are driving me nuts, but I like the frames! What to do!?!?! Comments? Post to the message board or the guestbook!
~If you visited my page around March 17th or so, you probably saw that it was gone. Apparently Tripod had some kind of bug that wiped out half its pages, and of course mine went, too! From now on I'm backing up all my files. =) But the page is back, so everyone, keep enjoying! I'm going to try to expand the page as much as possible in the next few weeks. Check back often!

History of the Picture Shrine

This site started way back in 1998 when a friend sent me a picture of Rainbow Brite; I went nuts! I used to love RB when I was a kid! So that day I went on a mission to find pictures of all my favorite 80's cartoons, and pretty soon my hard drive was pretty full! So I figured I'd put them all online. And The Picture Shrine was born! It is by far my most successful attempt at a web page, a fact that is proven by all the hits this site generates!

So, Please enjoy the pictures! I've taken these from all over the web, spending tons of time searching and everything. I tried to link back to the pages that the pictures came from; if you see a link that should be included, please tell me. I didn't take any pictures from sites that specifically asked me not to, but I still provide links back to them. Hopefully I haven't angered anyone!

BTW, feel free to take these pictures for yourself! All you have to do is right-click and select save as (Mac users hold the click until the menu appears and then select save as). Please (this shouldn't even need to be said), if you're going to make a web page, don't copy mine! You can have the idea and even the pictures, but please come up with your own setup! This took time, and I'm proud of it. Thank you.

-- Reiny

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I won an award!

Still using the Tripod Guestbook, seems to be working alright as of Feb. 18th. (Still keeping my fingers crossed!)

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