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The Picture Shrine FAQ!

Before asking me a question on the bulletin boards or in the guestbook, please read through the FAQ because I bet you'll find your answer here! If you still can't, then feel free to post the question! Thank you!

1. Can I use your pictures?

YES! Save them to your computer or website, then you can use them on your webpage, print them out and decorate your room with them, whatever! Just don't link to my pictures using my site, that is called stealing bandwidth and is bad! =)

2. Where did you get your pictures?

I got all the pictures you see here from other websites at one point or another. I have links to most of those sites, and if the link is not here, then I don't know where the picture came from. All the pictures in the Jem shrine were given to me by a very cool girl on the RB2 mailing list (THANK YOU HUN!), but all the others I found on my own.

3. Can you add pictures of such and such cartoon?

I am trying to add different cartoons as much as possible, but I just don't have the time to devote to this site. I am updating it whenever I can, and I plan on adding a couple more shrines soon, but PLEASE don't send me specific requests for cartoons through email. If you want to find pictures of your cartoons, use a search engine and type the cartoon's name in, I'm sure you'll find something out there. I can't be looking up cartoons for everyone, I just don't have time. However, feel free to request specific cartoons that you want to see, when I add more I will take people's suggestions into consideration.

4. Do you remember such and such cartoon? Can you send me pictures of it?

While I may or may not remember your favorite cartoon, if the pictures aren't on my site right now, I don't have any pictures of it. You are better off going and looking online for yourself to find pictures of those cartoons. All the pictures I have are here, so if you don't see what you want, keep looking! I bet another site will have just what you want! Good luck!

5. Who owns the copyright to such and such cartoon?

Honestly, I don't know. Mattel and Hallmark own a lot of the copyrights, for example Rainbow Brite is owned by Hallmark. As far as the others, all I know is that I don't own them myself! For some legal coverage: I don't own these copyrights, I don't THINK I own them, and this page is making me absolutely NO money. This is simply a fan page meant to help other fans find pictures. If you want to tell me to stop, I will, but I hope you don't have to do that!

6. Where can I find more pictures/info?

Check out the links from each shrine page. Alternately, use a couple of different search engines and look that way.  You can also try joining a mailing list for 80's cartoons; if you go to Yahoo!Groups, you'll see that there are tons of fan mailing lists out there. They can give you more specific information.

7. Where can I buy tapes/toys/etc? Do you have any to sell?

Check out eBay for old toys and tapes. There are also tons of online dealers that specialize in old toys and such, use a search engine to find them. If you join an 80's mailing list, fans often trade tapes and sell stuff to eachother, so that is often a good place to look. Other than this, I have no more information about buying stuff, and no, I don't have anything for sale. Good luck on your search!